What to do if the train is canceled?

If the user who booked his ticket in advance learns that his train is canceled, several solutions (valid from 2 to 29 April) are available to him. In the case of a trip by TGV or Intercités, it will have the opportunity to exchange his ticket or make a refund request on the application Oui.sncf without fees or additional costs, including for non-exchangeable or refundable rates.
Regarding the subsidiary Ouigo, the traveler can exchange his ticket without charge. However, if there is a difference in price during the exchange, the additional cost will be at his expense. Otherwise, the user who does not wish to exchange his title but cancel it will receive a voucher for the amount of his reservation.
In the case of TERs, the ticket holder may change the date of his journey. The ticket will then become usable up to 10 days after its validity start date. Cancel your trip is also possible, in which case the ticket will be refundable free of charge until 61 days after its validity start date. Finally, TGVmax subscribers will be offered their subscription for the month of April 2018. That is a saving of 79 euros.
What alternatives?
In this period of social movement, the train will be a risky means of transport. But other alternatives are available to users. Starting with long distance coach trips by companies like Ouibus (SNCF) and Flixbus. Moreover, some TER announced as maintained by the SNCF during the days of strike will be replaced by buses.
In Île-de-France, the schedules of noctilian buses will be expanded. The service will begin in the early evening and will end in the morning. Ile-de-France Mobilités has also partnered with eight carpooling companies (BlablaLines, Clem ‘, Covoit’ici, IDVROOM, Karos, Ouihop, Klaxit, Roulez Malin) to offer a free service throughout the region Tuesday morning, the first strike day. To find the best route to go to his place of work, the Vianavigo site and application lists all offers. The region has promised that each driver will be reimbursed for each trip, while the passenger will have nothing to pay.
For its part, the SNCF has launched with the City of Paris Autostop citizen, a solidarity action plan based on a hitchhiking service, and which is therefore based on volunteering. To enjoy it, simply go to the Autostop-citizen website to be recognized as a driver or hitchhiker. For the first, it will be a badge to put on the windshield, for the second, a placard to indicate the destination