The President of the Republic slipped a small tackle to his American counterpart, during his speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday.

IQBAL SINGH AtoZ Paris France   You have not invited a climate-skeptic”: in Davos, Macron ironically about Trump

Speaking Wednesday against a parterre of great bosses and political leaders in Davos, Switzerland, during the World Economic Forum, Emmanuel Macron could not help slip a small spike to his American counterpart, Donald Trump.
Ironically assumed
While the president of the United States is expected Thursday in Davos, Emmanuel Macron evoked, during his speech, the snow present in quantity in the station of the Swiss Alps where the event is held, estimating that “one has du bad to believe in global warming. ”
Before adding, not without irony: “Fortunately, you have not invited a climate-skeptic, this year”. The head of state was obviously referring to the climate-skepticism assumed Donald Trump, which pushed him out of the United States of the Paris Agreement in June.
Disagreement on the climate
Despite their disagreement over the climate, the two political leaders have a cordial relationship. The French president will have the honor of the first state visit to the White House of the Trump era, so confirmed several American sources. Emmanuel Macron will thus be received in Washington, at a date not yet determined.
Emmanuel Macron lamented his counterpart’s decision to break the Paris agreement, but openly expressed the hope that his “friend” Trump would change his mind on the issue in the months or years to come

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