Sexual Assault On Class 2 Girl By Teacher

KOLKATA:  A large number of parents protested outside a convent school in Kolkata this morning after learning that a Class 2 student had been allegedly sexually assaulted by a dance teacher for nearly a year. Policemen were called in to control the crowd and one officer was also hurt. The teacher has been arrested. According to the police, the Class 2 student suffered repeated assault in school. She was warned against telling her family by the teacher, who allegedly threatened to bury her alive. The horror surfaced after she stopped going to school recently. Yesterday, the little girl confided in her mother, after which her parents went to the school and demanded the teacher’s arrest.
Several parents gathered outside the school today and demanded tough action against the school’s principal and administrators, accusing them of negligence. One of the protesting parents alleged that the school had tried to downplay the allegations. “It was then we decided to stage a protest outside the school,” he said.

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