Nicolas Sarkozy and Laurent Wauquiez in December 2017. “Wauquiez was pitiful”, according to Sarkozy

In its forthcoming edition on Wednesday, the weekly unveils the content of the incendiary phone call between Laurent Wauquiez and Nicolas Sarkozy after unwelcome remarks by the first on the second in front of students from a business school in Lyon have leaked in the media.
For Nicolas Sarkozy, it’s simple. Start a seminar in front of students asking them not to record or transcribe his words, under pain of serving them “bullshit” (“hogwash” in French) that apparently distributed on the plateaux, as did Laurent Wauquiez at the EM Lyon at the end of last week, is a “beginner’s mistake”, in the words of the former head of state taken over by the chained Duck. “It legitimizes the fact that students and journalists report his remarks off,” chained the former President of the Republic.

Nicolas Sarkozy and Laurent Wauquiez in December 2017. “Wauquiez was pitiful”, according to Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy had the opportunity to say, and many other things, to the principal concerned during a phone call. After the first excerpts of his explosive course were broadcast last Friday night, Laurent Wauquiez dialed the number of his former mentor, to apologize. It must be said that the attack was heavy between the walls of the business school:

“Nicolas Sarkozy had reached the point where he was controlling the cell phones of those who were returning to the Council of Ministers, he was bugging them to pump all the emails, all the text messages … And checking what each of his ministers was saying when we entered the Council of Ministers “.

After having discussed with the President of the Regional Council of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Nicolas Sarkozy has publicly reported that he had “noted” the excuses of Laurent Wauquiez. But the Chained Duck, to appear on Wednesday, had heard that the exchange had been nothing less than pleasant and polite.
“I sprayed him, he apologized to me, he was pitiful, and then I did not let him put one,” said Nicolas Sarkozy to his entourage. In detail, Nicolas Sarkozy spoke a sharp language to the president of the Republicans: “Many people told me that you were big shit.Today, I have no choice but to think like them. 
Just as personal, he added: “It seems that you have presidential ambitions, if I were you, I would find another job.”

“He went into a spin” ——–    Laurent Wauquiez had indicated to the students that he did not lend “a great future” to Gérald Darmanin. The prediction did not please Nicolas Sarkozy: “You claim that Darmanin has no political future, but, you, when I see that as soon as the head of the party, you start like that, I tell myself that You will not go far, the Republican electorate will be angry with you, and without it you do not weigh much. ”
Nicolas Sarkozy does not believe in a real false exit of road of Laurent Wauquiez, to a secret boot of his communication. “Greed by his success, he went into a spin,” he analyzed, on the sidelines of this phone call.
A close adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy, Véronique Waché, however, urged caution on Twitter. “Always better to remember that the Duck is not the official channel of expression of Nicolas Sarkozy.

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