Isabelle Morini-Bosc explains after her remarks about a song in Arabic in The Voice

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 Isabelle Morini-Bosc shocked some netizens with her remarks on the candidate of “The Voice” Mennel, who sang in English and Arabic on Saturday. ——
On Monday, the columnists of “Do not Touch My Job” came back on the controversy around the candidate of “The Voice” Mennel. After appearing on the TF1 show on Saturday, where she sang a version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” in English and Arabic, internet users found old messages written on Facebook by the young woman in 2016 after the attacks. Nice and Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray. Commenting on this case, “TPMP” provoked another controversy on social networks. The columnist Isabelle Morini-Bosc said she considered the controversy around the messages of the candidate “justified” before stating: “Not the veil, not the song in Arabic, although I find that in the current times, it may not necessarily be imposed, but on the other hand what she posted yes, it shocks me, on the attacks of Nice, it shocks me “.
This sentence on the song in Arabic annoyed Cyril Hanouna and some Internet users on social networks. Faced with negative reactions, the reporter responded on Twitter. “Racist me? Come on! I thought we were talking about someone else. But you’re right, if I was misunderstood, it’s because I misunderstood, “she wrote before adding that she would return to the controversy later Tuesday night on the set of” Do not touch My poste.

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