Greetings from S.A.S. the Prince for the year 2018

His Excellency the PRINCE Mr. Albert II of Monaco has Given the New Year Wishes to all Dear Compatriots, Dear Residents, Dear Friends,

The past year has been marked on the international scene by a sometimes rough and dark news.
Yet at the heart of these grisailles, gestures of solidarity, talents of creativity were expressed. Let us discern them and express our gratitude to those who have deployed them.
That in 2018, political and economic leaders commit themselves to building a more liveable and just world through sustainable development that promotes a “green” economy and builds peaceful and open societies, far from the temptation of withdrawal and balance of powers.
The Monegasques will take the floor on February 11 to elect their representatives. I remind you that I respect strict neutrality in this respect and that no one can claim my support.
I hope that the exchanges that will open up in this perspective are respectful, at the service of harmony and union in the spirit of our institutions and their strict respect. They have demonstrated their effectiveness by providing a powerful social and economic model that benefits the people. Our strengths and specificities can not be questioned.
For our young people, I wish to live exciting events, in the meeting of beautiful personalities, and in the understanding of the other, was it different.
For the sick, for those whom sorrow or mourning overwhelms, I say our proximity and our union to the test.
Dear Compatriots, Dear Residents, Dear Friends,
To each of you, the Princess and I express our best wishes for the year 2018. May it be serene and fruitful for you and your loved ones.
And that we persist together in tracing our path with insight, in an original way, in this complex world.
Happy New Year everyone.

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